minimalist silicone-band wallet

"The world's thinnest wallet for manly-men."

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I'm very happy with my purchase

“At first I was skeptical. But it has officially replaced my leather wallet. I'm very happy with my purchase. Much easier to find cards quickly.​" -Josh K.

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Beat the Bulge

​​Manband Rocks!

“This thing is awesome. Very practical, it holds my cash too. Now I can finally wear my jeans without an ugly wallet bump. I will never buy a wallet again. Manband forever!” -Damir F.


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Great Wallet

“I am very impressed. It holds everything that I need, and makes it easy to get cards in and out. I am using it to hold about 5 cards, and then I have cash in the middle and I also fold and place receipts in the middle through the week. The band is a great material; stretches easily yet still holds everything tight.”  -Jared C.

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How is MANBAND different than a rubberband?

  • MANBAND is made of high-tech silicone so it won't crack or lose resilience like rubber. ​

  • MANBAND is already the perfect size for five to ten cards plus some cash!  

  • Unlike rubber,  the MANBAND silicone surface grips your cards 'just right'.

  • MANBAND is cool.  A rubberband...well...isn't.


Will MANBAND securely hold my cards so they don't slip out?

  • Absolutely yes!  The tight band and the silicone surface make a secure grip that keeps your cards and cash together, until you decide to pull them out.

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$4.50 for TWIN-Pack​​

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​​​Best Wallet Ever!

“I fought the bulge and won. Love this. Very simple design. My wallet was huge and a catch-all for receipts and store cards that I rarely used. Very uncomfortable to keep in back pocket. With the Manband I carry only the necessities and some cash. Don't even notice it's in my pocket."  -Michael P.

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